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I understand that the information being disclosed will be reviewed and evaluated independently by Sprout LLC. Upon submission, Sprout LLC will issue a reference number unique to the submission only, and each separate submission will require a new reference number. I am submitting information with the express intention that it imposes no confidentiality obligations on Sprout LLC. Furthermore, my submission does not breach any confidentiality obligations that I owe to others. There is no legal reason why I can not submit information. I am not underage or otherwise legally incompetent. I am relying solely on my own IP rights to protect the contents of my submission. By making a submission, I am not granting, other than for the purpose of evaluation, any rights in relation to any patent, copyright or design. I am not relying upon Sprout LLC in any way for legal advice, including (but not limited to) whether the contents of my submission can be protected under IP law. I recognize that Sprout LLC may already be independently working on the same technology as covered by my submission. I agree that no contractual obligation or working relationship is being created between myself and Sprout LLC by submitting this information. I recognize that I will be asked to provide information which is personal to me, such as name and e-mail address, such that Sprout LLC may process this information in order to evaluate my submission. If the submission is of interest, I may be required to sign a further Agreement with Sprout LLC so that any confidential information, that is subsequently shared, is protected.

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You are almost done! Now would be a good time to review all your data before submission - simply click the orange buttons at the top of this page or use the Previous buttom at the bottom of this page. if you have additional attachments that you’d like to share, please select the buttom below. If you have any questions regarding the submission process (including uploading attachments), please contact Brandintro@sproutbeverage.com

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