We pair brands with industry experts that support founders from ideation to launch​


At Sprout Beverage Brand incubator & accelerator, we harness our strategic knowledge to support adult beverage early-stage founders. Thus, minimizing their risk of making expensive mistakes when launching new products and brands.​

90% of brand launches fail.

The adult beverage space is one of the most competitive and challenging industries within CPG. Why not give yourself a competitive advantage and the best shot of making it in this lucrative and rewarding landscape.

Join a select group of brands and increase the opportunity of your success, both regionally and nationally.​

Sprout Cohort Program

Educational program that deliver actionable information putting Brands on their path to success

Program Summary

A consecutive 3-month program.

2 cohorts per year with up to 12 companies per cohort.

Each company meets with Sprout leadership during class and after, for ongoing support.

Each Brand meeting will be a two-session made from strategic and tactical actionable advice from Sprout leadership and guests' speakers from the industry.​

  • Customized problem solving, 1:1 mentorship
  • Access to experts from our external network will include:
    • Venture capital
    • Distribution
    • Product design
    • Brand innovation 
    • Digital Marketing
    • Brand insights
    • Communications
    • Brand building 
    • Startup management 

Graduation and Pitch Day​

  • Program includes an opportunity on graduation to pitch to InvestBev for consideration into their portfolio

The Sprout Beverage Program

Actionable “how to create and launch” suite that helps founders save hundreds of thousands of dollars in costly errors.


How to start your business and build your brand the right way.​



Get your MVP (minimum viable product) ready and build a business around it.



How to effectively roll out your brand and increase long term viability.​

Our Team

Brian Rosen

General Partner

Brian is lifelong leader in the Adult Beverage Category. Brian is globally regarted as THE leading authority in the 3-tier system, retail off-premise, marketing, ECOMM, and go-to-market strategy for the Adult Beverage Space in any tier. Brian was CEO of his own $100M retail liquor enterprise, partner at PWC in Adult Beverage, & lead consultant at Anheuser-Busch



Giuseppe has 12+ years of investiment & operations expereince, Giuseppe leads investBev's investiment sourcing, diligence and structuring processes. Prior to joining investBev's, Giuseppe was Vice President at RVK. where he managed several multi-billion-dollar PE portfolios and deployed $1B+ across multiple strategies in the PE space


VP of Incubation

Gustavo Aguirre oversees the brand incubation program & consulting services. He brings 15+ years of experience bringing new brands to market within different beverage segments. He successfully developed and implemented go-to-market strategies for product backed by Fortune 100 companies including Molson Coors, ABI. Heineken, Pepsi, and Keurig Or Pepper

Aniya Evans

Insigths Manager

Contributes several years of experience in leveraging data to identify trends and offer actionable insights to help beverage alcohol brands improve their strategy and brand visibility. Her focus is on transforming and contextualizing analytics to aid in suppliers' navigation of complex market trends. Aniya also conducts comprehensive market research to determine which industry sectors warrant increased attention and focus.

Our Business Units

Sprout is part of the Growth Beverage Ecosystem. A powerful engine that provides brands with access, support & capital no matter what stage they are in their brand journey.

Where brands enter the growth beverage ecosystem. New brands build a strong product pipeline by fostering and developing breakthrough innovations with long term viability potential
Continued Sales support to grow brands. Delivers growing brands vital commercial access aimed to gain product financial validation based on distribution, sales conversion and repeat
Where brands exit the growth beverage ecosystem. Provides strategic financial support to help brands reach their full potential.
Continued debt based financial support to help current brands with immediate operational needs.


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